Homeschooling on a tight budget is tough, but do- able. We were blessed this year to be given our materials by grandma and some other generous folks. We got our school supplies at a discounted price through one of those daily deal sights (Plum District… I think) as well as from my sis in law who “donated” printer paper to our school.

However… even without these generous gifts, homeschooling is still possible. I have noticed that different people take different approaches. I have enjoyed using the My Father’s World curriculum for the last two years. With a baby/ toddler in the house and now a new baby on the way… this mama’s brain is fried!… Having the curriculum laid out for me with all the lessons already written has been very helpful.

Some people, however, prefer to write their own unit studies and lesson plans. This is how I did it when I was teaching. When I began teaching ten years ago in the public school system, I taught four year old kindergarten… which was still fairly new. The state I worked in did not have state standards for 4K. The school I worked for was just beginning their preschool program. I had free reign… which was fun, but a bit daunting at the same time! I was allowed the freedom to come up with my own curriculum, lesson plans, unit studies, etc. It was fun. Planning for homeschool really isn’t that different. Instead of planning for a classroom of kids who are all the same ages… I just have to plan for my kids who are different ages.

Thankfully, there are great websites out there to aid in this process. This is where the money saving part of this post comes in. Here is a short list of a few great websites with unit studies, free printables and other great resources for teaching and homeschooling.

ABC Teach
Enchanted Learning
Super Teacher Worksheets
A to Z Teacher Stuff
Alphabet Printables

These are just a few of the great resources out there. I encourage you to google “preschool unit studies” or “elementary school unit studies,” etc. Take the suggestions from these sites and adapt them to your style. Also… utilize your local library!

You can also check out this list I compiled with the help of friends of great educational game sites.

I’d love to hear back.. what are your favorite sites to use when homeschooling?

Money Saving Monday- Homeschool Style

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