A few years back, I was blessed to be part of a thriving church that was not lacking in Bible studies for women. I picked up this prayer guide at one of the studies. I cannot claim it. A godly lady named Lisa put it together. I think it’s just wonderful though and wanted to share it with you.

First.. 31 Things to Pray for Your Children (31… one for everyday of the month)

1. they will be morally pure

2. they will obey and respect authority

3. they will see the need for a Savior at a young age

4. they will be protected from the schemes of Satan

5. they will love and know Your word

6. You will give them excellent health

7. they will have wisdom of Solomon and also apply it

8. they will have and be a special friend

9. they will not be bossy as an older child or passive as a younger child

10. their “yes” will be “yes” and their “no” will be “no”

11. they will one day be equally yoked with a Godly man or woman

12. they will be humble, desiring for You to have the glory

13. their life would be used to promote God’s kingdom

14. they will understand grace and not love by the law

15. that my girls will have a gentle and quiet spirit and that my boys will one day be the spiritual leader of his family

16. they will hunger and thirst for Your righteousness

17. they will identify with their femaleness and their maleness

18. they will hate evil and avoid it and get caught when they disobey

19. they will have a strong work ethic

20. they will be critical thinkers

21. they will be an encourager of others

22. they will fulfill the meaning of their name

23. they will be salt and light

24. they will have Your self image

25. that my child will know he or she is deeply loved

26. that my child will know they cannot have their own way

27. they will love you Lord

28. they will love others as You love

29. they will be honest with You, themselves and others

30. they will be a faithful steward of all the treasures and talents you entrust to them

31. they will live with eternal perspective

And… because I assume that most of the people who read this blog are women… here is a guide to pray for your husbands. From the same lady who put together the above list.. and again… 31 things…

1. above reproach

2. husband of one wife

3. temperate

4. prudent

5. respectable- worthy of respect

6. hospitable

7. able to teach

8. not pugnacious

9. gentle

10. uncontentious

11. free from the love of money

12. manage his own household well

13. good reputation- as he coaches outside of the church, etc.

14. man of dignity

15. holding to the mystery of faith

16. not double tongued

17. godliness with contentment would find great gain

18. righteous without sin

19. love the Lord with all his heart, mind and strength

20. faithful servant

21. love, stir in him superior passions for You

22. perseverance

23. to work as an evangelist

24. make a covenant with his eyes

25. man of passion

26. protected from the schemes of Satan

27. believe what is true

28. mentor

29. watch over heart

30. honor the Lord from the first fruit

31. love the Word and meditate on it

I am going to work on a 31 things to pray for ourselves list to be posted soon. Let me know if this guide is helpful to you. It’s a great resource… I just need to put it into practice!

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Updated 10/ 13/ 2011

Please also check out the  Prayer Guide for Self (women- single, married, moms)

Printable Versions of these prayer guides are now available… HERE.

A Prayer Guide for Family

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