I asked my kids (ages 2, 4, and 6) to give me their top ten favorite books… this is what they gave me :

Nate the Great

My kids, big brother especially, love all the Nate the Great books. Every time we go to the library, we check out several.


Secrets of the Animal World- Giant Squid

Basically… anything involving ocean animals!

A Whale of A Tale

Have you seen these Cat in the Hat Science Books? We’ve also read the one about planets and the one about dinosaurs.


Box Car Children

We read the first 3 books together last year. Big Brother has gone on to read some more. Little Sis really enjoyed these as well.


Magic Treehouse

Big Brother LOVES these books. He zooms through them. When we started learning about the Pilgrims a few weeks ago, he said “I know all about them… I read about them in Magic Treehouse Thanksgiving on Thursday!”


Berenstain Bears

Little Sis adores the Berenstain Bears. I used to have some reservations because I felt like Papa bear was always seen as a doofus and wrong.. I want to make sure we don’t demean the roll of men or fathers in our family. But I’ve noticed a change in the more recent books.


The Secret Garden

Little Sis got an abbreviated version of the Secret Garden in a kids meal from Chick Fil A. We later checked out the movie from the library. I was a little surprised that she stuck with the movie. But she really did enjoy it. It does have some grown up ideas (death, sickness, etc.) … so I’d recommend previewing the book first.



Clifford (well anything with dogs) gets baby girl’s vote!


Answers in Genesis

Big Brother got these books for his birthday last year. They include questions from kids of all ages about various topics… dinosaurs, creation, salvation, heaven, etc. Big Brother likes that it was kids who wrote the questions.  I HIGHLY recommend Answers in Genesis! Their resources helped me out so much when Big Brother started his obsession with dinosaurs. They are a great ministry.


Henry and Mudge

All three really enjoy Henry and Mudge. These are easy readers and we check out quite a few each time we go to the library.


Remember… this list was put together by my kids. I cut them off at 10… they would have gone on forever! They are little bookworms for sure. They get it honest… I have a slight addiction to books… more specifically to children’s books.

How about you? What are your kids’ favorite books?



Top Ten Favorite Books (A List from the Kids)

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