We are constantly trying to figure out how to give our kids more responsibility around the house. I’ll admit it… I’m a control freak. I want things done my way or the highway… which usually results in me doing all the work. With three kids and one on the way, I have got to be willing to give up control. I have to be okay with things not getting done perfectly.. or not getting done at all. PS… if you came in my house, you would not believe that I am a control freak… it’s not tidy… it’s only somewhat organized. There is evidence of little people everywhere. And just when I think I have things looking good and feeling good about myself, someone spills something, breaks something, poops on something…

Ok… I think I’ve started rambling.. let’s get back on track. Everyone seems to have a different way of doing chores. I have seen lists, charts, rewards, etc. I know families that use Saturday morning for everyone to do their chores… other families have daily chores.

I wrote this post last year about the method we were currently using. When we moved over the summer, the chart got put to the wayside, but I am still trying to get the kids involved. Here are a few of the chores that our kids are required to do:

– Each night before bed, they must tidy their rooms, gather toys from the living room and put them away. I don’t ask for perfection each night.. just that the floors are cleared (we have a lot of getting up in the middle of the night in our house… so this is basically a safety precaution).

– Clothes in the dirty clothes basket

– personal hygiene…. like tooth brushing, hair brushing, etc.

– dishes in the sink

– Occasionally (I need to be better about handing this one over), they put their own laundry away

The house we moved into has hardwood floors and no dishwasher or garbage disposal. The kids have been really excited about helping with sweeping, washing dishes, etc. I don’t make them do these things, but if they ask if they can help clean up after dinner, I will ask Big Brother to scrape the dishes into the trash can and Big Sis (formerly Little Sis) to help rinse the dishes. I have found that the silverware is a manageable project for learning to wash the dishes. I also let them help with drying the big things.

I do think there is a window of opportunity with our children when they are eager to learn, moldable and wanting to help. We must take advantage of this so they don’t take advantage of us! It will be messy, water will be wasted, spots will be left behind, dishes will break, stains will remain.. but still… we must press on and train these kiddos in responsibility!

Here are some other resources I’ve found:

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How do you do chores at your house? I’d love to hear back from you!

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Chores- This is How We Do It

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