Is it because people always down Mondays that you always brace yourself for the worst? I mean… if people weren’t so hard on Mondays… maybe they wouldn’t seem so bad. I know that they come after the weekend… after rest and family time… after doing whatever you want for two days… but still… can be positively reframe (I swiped that phrase from my husband) Mondays for a change? Maybe declare them the day of new beginnings… the fresh start day!

Last night, we had one child coughing with a sore throat when she went to bed. This morning, we woke up with two. Well… three if you include me. I woke up with a terrible headache and sore throat. Thankfully my rock star husband let me sleep in.

I woke up and remembered that there was a mountain of laundry waiting for me and that I had not done any lesson plans for homeschool this week. So… I pulled myself out of bed and got to work.

It really hasn’t been a bad Monday… it just kind of caught me off guard. I just wasn’t ready for a new week.

I pulled the lesson plans together, made the copies and printed the papers I needed for the week. I got the laundry started. Ate breakfast. Took the blue sharpie away from the two year old (who had just stuck it up her nose). Took the marble out of said two year old’s mouth.

Thus begins our week. Mondays… gotta love them!

Mondays- Gotta Love Them

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