If you know us at all, you know that we are HUGE fans of Chick Fil A! However, as “quick- service” restaurants go, Chick Fil A is not the most money efficient option out there.

When we feel the need to feed our family addiction, we let the kids share a meal. Usually the kids are filled up. Sometimes, they start in on mine or their daddy’s meal. If they are still super hungry, they can grab a snack when they get home.

Of course, meal sharing goes outside of just Chick Fil A. We apply this principle to other restaurants as well. My husband and I will sometimes share a meal as well.

Other tips for eating out:

1. Take drinks for the kids with you or just get water.

2. Look for coupons, in store specials, etc.  You can follow a lot of restaurants on Facebook and keep up with their special offers.

3. Choose restaurants that don’t require tipping.

Oh… And here’s a Chick Fil A tip you may not know…you can trade in your un-opened kids meal toy for Ice-Cream!

How do you save money when it comes to eating out?

Money Saving Monday- Sharing is Caring (and Saving)

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