I waiver in my feelings toward Pinterest. I have to check my motives for the time I spend there. Why am I pinning all these different things. Am I really intending to use these ideas? Am I coveting what other people have/ do? Am I just trying to show off and make people think I am someone that I am not? I have tried to be really intentional to pin things that I intend to use… recipes, homeschool ideas, sewing tutorials… these are just my thoughts.

Here are my top homeschooling pins for the week:

Book Report Forms for Elementary School

I’ve been using these forms with Big Brother.. more on that later!

Toddler Busy Work

I made one like this for Little Sis (2 yo) out of a cleaned Clorox wipes container and fabric scraps. She is fiercely protective of it and does not want to share.

Sight Word and Phonics Practice

I intend to make this soon for Big Sis. She is moving right along in her reading, but needs some sight word practice.

Ideas for Spelling/ Vocabulary practice


There you go! These are my pins for the week! Are you on pinterest? Follow me… mama_monkey

Been Pinning- More Homeschool Stuff

One thought on “Been Pinning- More Homeschool Stuff

  • November 1, 2011 at 11:24 am

    Isn’t pinning FUN!?! I thought it was kind of lame the first couple of times I visited Pinterest, but once I “got” it, I was totally addicted!!


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