I mentioned in the beginning of the school year that Big Brother would be doing Apologia’s Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day. He is currently obsessed with very interested in ocean animals. This science is more of a reward for him if he gets the rest of his work done.

Part of the curriculum of the book is to do a year long project… an ocean box. Confession… I can’t stand clutter. I love my kids and their lovely art projects, but I must admit that I regularly clean house when it comes to art projects. I keep a few pieces here and there, but the rest I toss. I go on the theory that much of the art process for kids is in the creating… they don’t so much care about the final project. Hey… it helps me sleep better at night.

However… with this ocean box, I cannot file it away or toss it away. This is a year long, hands on project and Big Brother couldn’t be more thrilled. He is so excited about adding to his box every couple of weeks. First we decorated the box with blue paper and coral.

Adding the Whales
Big Brother chose a Right Whale and a Sperm Whale to add to his box. We printed out pics and used pipe cleaners to attach said whales to the box.

Using Model Magic to Make a Sea Turtle

We used model magic from Crayola to add our Pinnipeds and Herps (Walrus and aquatic reptiles and amphibians).

working hard

I wasn’t sure how the model magic would turn out, but I think it worked out pretty well. We let it dry for a few days and then carefully glued the creatures to the box. The snake did break, but we were able to glue it back together. We added the google eyes when the clay was dry.

sea turtle
Sea Snake

We’ll probably get some stickers to add after this week’s lesson… Fish!

Big Brother is loving the Apologia stuff… I am too! For each chapter, we can get online and look at extra stuff, links, etc having to do with the topic at hand. The book and journal provides several activities. You can pace yourself as needed and do as much or as little of the activities as wanted. I am thinking about repeating the whole book in a few years. It would probably be an entirely different experience when Big Brother gets a little older.

Each lesson has a vocabulary crossword that goes with it. I have been using these as the test for each lesson. Big Brother likes to do crosswords and it helps me to know that he is getting the information.

If you haven’t checked out what Apologia has to offer, I highly recommend that you take the time to do so!

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Swimming Creatures Progress Report

2 thoughts on “Swimming Creatures Progress Report

  • November 1, 2011 at 8:04 pm

    I was glad to see this post. My kids are using Calvert curriculum, but I am very interested in Apologia. I heard their science is great. This looks like the kind of project my kids would really get into. Thanks for sharing! Hopped over from HHH.

  • November 2, 2011 at 9:46 am

    We love apologia!! We are covering Physical Science, General Science, and Astronomy. Both the kids and I love all of the projects and experiments. It really helps them to not just memorize, but to learn the information when they put it into action and see the results. Awesome! He is doing a great job on his box!


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