Today is the official Orphan Sunday. A couple at our church who will be leaving soon to live in Haiti and run camps for orphans got up and shared about the global orphan crisis. They talked about the unbelievable numbers of truly orphaned children in the world and how so little are willing and/ or able to adopt them… so these children are sentenced to a life in foster care or orphanages. My heart broke as I thought about my many friends who are in the process of adopting. It is not an easy road to travel. It is costly… financially, spiritually and emotionally. The financial cost is through the roof. The emotional cost is overwhelming. And.. because God is pro- adoption… Satan is not and will do everything to bring down a family who chooses to care for the orphan. One family I know have been waiting and hoping for a year to bring home two precious boys from Ethiopia. They have raised money. They have invested in this adoption. They have had door after door slammed in their face as they wait for these boys. Another couple are trying to adopt and have been all but shut down by the government of the country they are seeking to adopt from. The government thinks it’s better for these children to be resettled with their biological family or left in an orphanage than to be adopted internationally… question… what about the child who was given by her family to the village witch doctor as a sacrifice and narrowly escaped?… or a child who was sold into prostitution by her family? Are you trying to tell me that sending those children back to their families is really the best thing for them?

I think more people are willing to adopt than we know… I think the red tape and closed doors shut them out and down.

Then… there are families like mine. We have three children with one on the way. My husband just finished seminary and we are basically starting our lives over. We have hearts for the orphans, but not the means or call (for now) to physically adopt. So… how do we follow the Biblical mandate to care for the orphans (James 1:27)?

I think it starts with awareness. We must be educated. We must not turn a deaf ear or a blind eye to the crisis at hand. We must be an advocate for orphans and for those who are called to adopt.Last year, a family we knew was doing a series of yard sales to raise money towards their adoption. Our kids donated toys and our time to help with these yard sales. We didn’t have much, but it was how we could help at the time.

If you are ready to take physical action towards helping the orphans of the world, but not so much called to adopt… consider partnering with ministries who are involved in orphan care. I am skeptical… I’ll admit when it comes to giving money to ministries. I want to know what the ministry is about… how they are helping… where money is going. I want to know the heart of the workers.

Please consider my friends at Sixty Feet. I know many of these folks personally and am very much for the work they are doing in Uganda. They are working with Uganda’s imprisoned street children. They are ministering physically and spiritually to these children… bringing water, meals, education, counseling, etc. to the children in the facilities.

There are a few ways you can partner with this ministry:

1. Donate straight to the ministry

2. Child Sponsorship

3. Buy A T- Shirt

4. Follow the Blog and PRAY!

5. Donate specifically toward the building of a facility for young children.

6. Go on a Trip and see first hand!

7. Host a Cupcake Kids Sale!

Like I said, I know these folks personally… and for what’s it’s worth, I think their ministry is legit. They pray, they have accountability and they have HUGE hearts for the orphaned and imprisoned children of Uganda. You don’t have to adopt to follow James 1:27. Please consider, especially on this orphan Sunday, how you can help!

Orphan Sunday

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