I am going to take a break from Money Saving Monday for a while. I am kind of tapped out on Money Saving ideas. Feel free to email me at weelittlemonkeys (at) gmail (dot) com with your great ideas. I’ll credit you!

Anyway… I thought I would start trying to record those moments that remind me that I actually do enjoy motherhood. This really is what I dreamed about as a little girl… what I prepared for with all those hours of babysitting other peoples’ kids… what I hoped for when I married my wonderful husband. I need reminders.. because quite frankly.. motherhood is tiring work!

I wrote recently about how Big Brother has been really angry lately. It is wearing on me and on my relationship with him. I am trying to push through, knowing that it will not last forever.

A couple of days ago, he announced that he was going to write a story called a “syrup-prise for mom.” He is so clever. He has a quick wit and a way with word play. So…yesterday, he sat down and wrote his story…

A "Syrup-prise for Mom"

The story goes like this:

“One Day I went shoppi’n. I broght lots of syrup for mommy.”

He illustrated as he went.

It made my day!

Motherhood Moments

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