To be read in a light hearted tone…

We have a pretty consistent routine at our house. We wake up, have breakfast, get dressed, clear the table… the kids play for a bit and then we start school.

Big brother, who is six, is the main one who does school. Big sis has school she can do. I don’t push the issue. She’s only four. Little Sis is two. I have toddler activities for her to try to keep her busy.

You’d think that there would be comfort in routine. You’d think that, by now, twelve weeks into our homeschool year, we’d have this thing down.

You’d think that



Almost like clockwork, as soon as I call Big Brother into start school, the crying game begins… star of the show being Little Sis. She can be happy as a clam playing by herself or with her sister… but as soon as our school day starts, so do her tears. Sometimes she has fallen down or gotten her fingers pinched in a door or not gotten snack fast enough or… well, it doesn’t really matter… the point is.. the girl cries.. for two hours… almost every morning.. unless… she has my full and devoted attention.

I am pulling my hair out over here. We have toddler activities galore. She is invited to do school with us. Big Sis plays with her.

I feel bad for Big Brother. He gets the shaft in all this. I rush through lessons with him and send him to the table to do independent work or go to his room to read… or I just give up all together and call it quits for the day.

If you have any ideas, I’m all ears. Otherwise… please just pray for my sanity. We have another baby due in January… Lord help us all!

PS… this is what I wanted right? A big homeschooling family?

*In Dori voice*… Just Keep Swimming

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The Crying Game

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