So… I’ve been watching things people have been posting on Facebook and listening to the folks around me gripe and grumble about how stores are already playing Christmas music and decorating for Christmas and we haven’t even had Thanksgiving yet!

Confession: I listen to Christmas music when it’s not Christmas time… and I am not ashamed to do so.

If there is one thing that I think is ok to celebrate year round, I think it would be the coming of our savior (can I get an amen).

I mean… seriously?!?

I am all for Thanksgiving. I am all for teaching our children gratefulness. In fact, I think it is a great lead in to Christmas. It is a great way to set the stage to have a heart of thanksgiving no matter what. Big brother has been writing a Christmas list this year. This is the first time he has really had a strong opinion about what he wants for Christmas. We have already had many talks that he may not get all… or any of the things on his list. We’ve talked about being grateful for what we have and are given.

We’ve also been talking about being thankful for the people in our lives and how we can bless them this holiday season.

So.. I am not against Thanksgiving. I am not against remembering what went into the founding of our country. I am not against the holiday. In my mind… it all goes together.

I love Christmas… everything about it. I would celebrate all year if I could. So.. it may not be the popular thing, but I am listening to Christmas music already… and chomping at the bit to decorate and already making gifts for family and friends. I wish this time of year could move in slow motion so we could enjoy it all the more.

Christmas Music Confession

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