I have really had to challenge myself to find those moments that remind me why I got into the business of parenting in the first place. It has been rainy and cold here lately. We have been stuck in the house. My son NEEDS to be outside… running around! As I am typing this, he is literally bouncing off the walls of his room. He is hanging upside down from his loft bed. He is jumping from the train table to the floor.

My girls are filled with drama. One second, they are playing well together… the next they are trying to pry toys from one anothers’ hands. They want to play well, but are not quite sure how to handle that desire.

I have written before about my son’s struggle with anger and our struggle in how to help him. He is a sweet boy. I know that he is. He cares deeply about right and wrong and has a hard time reconciling injustice. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in his life. We have been working with him on strategies for controlling his anger… we have been cracking down on the disrespect that springs from his anger.

Last night, I felt like we had a breakthrough of sorts. He got angry…had his feelings hurt… I don’t even remember what about. Instead of pouting and screaming and making everyone in the room feel his wrath, he quietly went into his room for a few minutes. He came back out… quiet and calm. When his dad asked him what he’d been doing, he simply said that he went into his room to calm himself down. We didn’t tell him to do that. He took responsibility for his emotion and feelings and knew what he needed to do to calm down. I’ll count that as a victory.

So… that’s my Motherhood Moment. That’s the moment I’ll go back to while in the trenches. Something is working. Something is getting through.

Motherhood Moments

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