You know, when it comes down to it, inviting Santa into your home or not inviting him in does not change things in light of eternity. Your salvation does not rest on how you celebrate Christmas. Salvation is a matter of believing and accepting Christ’s work on the cross.

However, because I am in the mood to share my two cents about Santa… here you go.

Santa does not visit our home. Contrary to what members of my family might think or what my friends might think, this is a decision I made long before having children or even getting married. Thankfully, the Lord brought a man into my life that shared my thoughts. It was an easy decision for us to make.


First and foremost, we want Jesus to be at the center of our season and celebration. Jesus and Santa share some similar characteristics… they bring good gifts, they are all knowing… the accomplish things that defy human logic and ability. I do not want my children equating Santa with Jesus. I do not want them thinking they are one in the same. I do not want them thinking that Santa is the one worthy of their worship.

Second… a point was brought up to me by a lady I met once in a Bible study. She and her husband had done Santa in their family. Her girls were getting older. At church one Sunday, they were putting together shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. The teacher commented that those might be the only gift a child gets that year. Her daughter was quite upset when they  got home and wondered why Santa wouldn’t be visiting those children. Good question.

Also… with our budget tight and the economy unstable, it would be hard to start something like extra gifts from Santa only to have to cut back or stop at a later date. And… I don’t really wanting some legendary guy getting credit for the gifts that I thought about, picked out or made… right?

And… if we teach them all of their childhood that Santa is real… and then they find out later that he’s not… what will keep them from questioning other things that we’ve taught them?

I might be a grinch… I might be a scrooge in some peoples’ eyes. I have heard from several people… several Christians.. that they did Santa when they were younger and they turned out okay… Great… good for you. I won’t judge you for celebrating Santa… please don’t judge me for not.

Incidentally… the tooth fairy and Easter bunny don’t come to our house either. BaHumbug?



To Santa or Not to Santa… That is the Question

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