Last year, we introduced the Jesse Tree to our advent season. I really like the idea behind the tree because it starts at the beginning… Genesis and shares stories from the Old Testament that show the anticipation and prophecies of the Savior. It shares all the way through to the birth of Christ. Every night, we read a devotional and then add an ornament to our tree. Now.. you can get really fancy and buy a Jesse tree kit with ornaments and all… or you can go the route I did and make your own paper tree to tape on the wall and print out some ornaments, laminate and use tape to stick them on each night.

You can read more about how we do our Jesse Tree by clicking on the above picture.

Here are a couple of more handmade gift ideas. A sewing machine is needed for the first, but not so much for the second.


One of our favorite things about Christmas day is that we get to wear PJs ALL DAY! Seriously… my kids look forward to this all year! This year I made the kids PJ pants and picked up some thermal shirts on clearance at Wal-Mart… Tada… new PJs! Also… we moved from sunny Florida to the mountains of North Carolina this year and I realized that we needed some new hats. I used the left- over fleece from the pants to make hats as well.

I used this tutorial from one of my favorite sewing blogs, MADE to make the pants. It was super easy and took me less than an hour per pair!

For the hats, I used this site. You can use a sewing machine to do it faster… or if you’d rather just hand stitch, it still wouldn’t take much time. You may need to adjust your measurements if making it for a child.

Come back tomorrow to find out some free, family traditions we have. I’d love to hear from you as well. What are some of your favorite family traditions at Christmas time?


DIY Christmas Part 3- Jesse Tree and PJs

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