One of my favorite things about Christmas is building on old traditions and starting new ones with our family. I mentioned yesterday that one of the kids’ favorite things is to wear their pjs all day. This is something the kids look forward to every year. They plan for days in advance with pjs they will wear on Christmas eve night.

Some other things (cost efficient) that our family does include:

– Christmas light hunting. A couple of times a week from Thanksgiving until Christmas, we load up in the car and explore different neighborhoods to see the displays that people have created with Christmas lights. Every now and then, we might spend the money to go and see a professionally put together lights display.

– Our own Christmas lights display. We opted the last couple of years to not buy a live Christmas tree. I have an artificial one leftover from my teaching days that we have set up at the house for the last couple of years. The kids think the artificial tree is amazing. They love putting it together! We used some of the money that would have gone towards a live tree to buy a couple of lights strands to put up outside. Last year we bought light strands… this year we bought candy cane lights to line the walkway. We figured that we can add something each year to make our yard light display grow… within reason.

– Pancake Birthday Cake for Jesus. When Big Brother was two, we started making a pancake breakfast on Christmas morning. We stack them up and put three candles on top (to represent the Father, Son and Holy Spirit). We sing happy birthday to Jesus and then chow down on pancakes as I read the Christmas story. After the story, we pray, share what we are thankful for and then open gifts.We take turns opening gifts so that we can share in each other’s excitment.

Pancakes for Jesus!

What are some of your favorite family traditions?

DIY Christmas Part 4- Family Traditions

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