We are HUGE Dr. Seuss fans around here. Did you know that his birthday is coming up this Friday? We are planning a Dr. Seuss birthday party with some of our friends.

To lead up to the party, I’ve planned some lessons to get us Seussified (Dr. Seuss isn’t the only one who can make up words).

I, of course, turned to Pinterest for some ideas. Here are a few that we will be using this week. I am also going to throw a few of my own original lessons in there as well… be sure to check back during the week to see what else we’re up to.

First of all, we are going to watch a short video about Theodore Giesel, A.K.A. Dr. Seuss:

Then, we will put some of the events of Dr. Seuss’s life in order using this timeline. UPDATED (2/24/14)… the previous link no longer works, but here is another one with a great timeline of Dr. Seuss’s life.

I selected about ten major highlights and printed them in large font on a separate word document. Big Brother will have to put them in chronological order.

Another idea I really like is this design a hat activity:

However, because I want big brother (6 years old) to work on his addition facts, I’ll probably give him two dice and have him add the sum when he rolls them. I’ll give him key that say if the sum equals 2, color the strip red, 3- blue, 4- green, etc.

For big sis (5 years old), I’ll give her one die and let her do one to one counting with a key to determine the colors for her hat.

During the week, we’ll be working on this:

You have to sign up with Teachers Pay Teachers to receive this printable book… there is no cost to sign up and this book is FREE!!!

Other activities we’ll do will include polling our friends about their favorite Dr. Seuss book.. we’ll graph the results.

We’ll play rhyming games, draw silly creatures and write stories about them, read lots and lots of Seuss books, party on Friday and so much more.

As I said, be sure to check back in the week to find out what we’ve been up to!

In the mean time, here are some websites with some great Seuss activities, printables and more…

Two Teaching Mommies

Erica Bohrer’s First Grade



PBS Kids

Celebrating Seuss- Part 1

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