When I was in college, I wore the low waist, trendy jeans. I never liked them. I mean… they fit, but I always felt like my hips and stomach were spilling out of the top. Everyone complains about having the “muffin top” look, but we still buy the jeans that are unflattering and try to stuff ourselves into them.

Well… when I started having children, my hips expanded and my waistline headed north. Now.. the only jeans that fit comfortably are mom jeans. They come all the way up to my extremely high (like only a couple of inches below my bra) waistline. They efficiently tuck in and conceal the stretched out from having four babies skin that just kind of hangs there on my stomach all sad like. With mom jeans, I have no fears of my stomach spilling out over the top of the waist band.

I’ll wear my mom jeans as a badge of honor… just like the widened hips and those gray hairs that are popping up here and there.  I’ve earned them with every moment I’ve spent in childbirth… with every moment I’ve spent in the trenches of parenthood. I’ve earned these hips that now are roomy enough to comfortably sit a two year old as she helps me cook dinner. I’ve earned the mom jeans that scream “I no longer have time to worry about what the world deems fashionable.. nor do I care.” My assurance doesn’t come from my style of jeans… thank the Lord.

With mom jeans sitting comfortably on my body… I have one less thing to think about. I don’t have to constantly pull up my jeans as they slide down my hips. I don’t have to wonder if I am showing off my underwear to the world when I bend over to pick up fallen toys or squat down to wipe tears and tend to hurt feelings and broken hearts.

So.. yeah… everyone makes fun of them… Saturday Night Live has done skits about them… but I don’t care… I’m rockin’ the mom jeans and I like it!

Rockin’ The Mom Jeans

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