What do you do with all the scrap paper that accumulates in your house. My kids are constantly cutting and gluing and leaving a trail of paper scraps in their paths… and then, there are all the magazines and circulars that come…. plus cereal boxes and other cardboard scraps.

When I was teaching in the public school system, I had a snip snip box in my art center. The kids could use the scraps to practice cutting or create some masterpiece collage or deposit their unused scraps. I decided to add a snip snip box in our house to accommodate my budding artist.

I have this box tucked on a book shelf, next to the scissors, glue and crayons. When the kids are feeling creative, they dig in and make a masterpiece. I encourage them to look in the box for paper before pulling out a new sheet.

Big Brother and Big Sis made their own pencil holders from the materials they found in the box:

The kids’ interest in the snip snip box was renewed when our local children’s museum had a recycled art center. They got to see what other people were doing with different materials!


The Snip Snip Box and Recycled Crafts

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