We headed to our local hardware store this past weekend to do our part in the (Inter)National Cupcake Kids sale!

This past weekend, families all over the United States and various countries around the world took part in an (Inter)National Cupcake Sale to raise money for the ministry of Sixty Feet. It just feels special to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Knowing that other cupcake sales were happening around the world made us feel like we were part of something great… and we were!

We were doing Kingdom work… sweet, yummy kingdom work. As people bought our cupcakes, we (mostly Big Brother) were able to share about the injustices that are happening to street children in Uganda and how Sixty Feet is doing their part to help. We were able to explain how the ministry started and how the money raised will be used.

If you missed the Cupcake Sale and would like to buy a “virtual cupcake”… simply visit our online Cupcake Stand and make a donation.


Cupcake Kids Sale- Part 2

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