I am realizing, more and more, as little sis is fully in the midst of being two years old, that many definitive statements I have made in the past are coming back to bite me.

In regards to potty training… “Once we give up diapers, we will NOT let the child wear a pull up or diapers during the day… just underwear.”… that one went out the window when little sis started potty training and went through 6 or 7 pairs of underpants before 10 am.

“I will NEVER yell at my children”…. well… that one was wiped out pretty early on

In regards to temper tantrums in public… “My children have NEVER really thrown big fits in public”…. until little sis came on the scene… where do they learn to throw themselves down on the ground and flail around like that?!?! And… then she kicked me because she didn’t like what I had to say… what in the world?!?!

“I do NOT want to homeschool our children”… that one quickly dissolved as soon as big brother was born.

In regards to feeding children and having picky eaters… “My children WILL eat what I prepare or they WILL NOT eat…. Surely if I follow what all the books say, my children WILL be great eaters.”… and then there was Big Sis… Many a night have ended in tears on my part and her’s when it comes to the dinner table.

“My baby will NOT sleep in our room for more than a couple of months. It is best for them to be in their own room, in their own bed.”… says the mom who has a four month old sleeping just a couple of feet from her bedside.

“I WILL definitely breastfeed my babies. I WILL NOT use formula”… says the mom who had a dwindling milk supply with her second baby and had to switch to formula at four months… and now again says the mom whose baby’s mouth was not formed well for nursing and has been bottle fed from the get go.

“I will NEVER cater to my children and spend tons of money finding a bottle they will use or a sippy cup they will drink from. They’ll just have to learn to use what we have.”… until Little Sis would only drink out of the expensive sippy cup I bought while on a road trip and then couldn’t find in anymore at any store so I ordered some from Amazon.

” I will NEVER bribe my child do do what he is supposed to do”… until Big Brother refuses to learn his math facts and I start paying him a quarter for each math family he learns.

“I will NOT fuss at my potty training toddler for accidents… after all, she is only two.” … but seriously, she keeps peeing on the couch… she even peed on me the other day… TWICE!!!!

So… you see… I should NEVER make such definitive statements. Statements made from my pride will always come back to haunt me. It is written in the book of Proverbs that pride comes before a fall. I shouldn’t judge other parents, declaring that I will NEVER make the same mistakes… because… most likely I will make those same mistakes and many, many more.

I suppose that the only definitive statements I could ever make and actually mean it are these: I WILL make mistakes. I WILL be in need of forgiveness. I will NEVER get it all right, all the time. And to my children: I am a sinner just like you. I WILL wrong you and hurt you, but I will NEVER stop loving you. To my husband: I WILL lose my patience and be cranky, but I WILL ALWAYS appreciate and love you.

I am so glad that when the Lord makes a statement, he sticks by it and doesn’t falter:

I will NEVER leave or forsake you… Hebrews 13:5

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