We finished! I am amazed that we actually finished what we set out to do for the school year. I was all set to go through the summer, but now we don’t have to!

I was taking a look back at THIS POST from the beginning of the school year with our curriculum choices. The only thing we didn’t get to was the recorder/ music stuff. Maybe we can use our extra time this summer to focus on that!

We finished up some year long projects. I’ve gotta say, it feels good to accomplish a goal and not have things left hanging.

























In Adventures in my Father’s World, we’ve been learning American History all year. We kept a notebook in which to place all of Big Brother’s writings, pictures and state facts. He really enjoys looking back through the notebook and remembering all the interesting things we learned this year. All the work pages are included in the package from My Father’s World.

Also from Adventures in My Father’s World, we’ve been learning some of the names/ attributes given to Jesus. Every couple of weeks, Big Brother did a “verse poster” to add to his collection. He chose to put this up in his room. I think it’s great that he sees it every day! These posters were also included in the curriculum.

In our ocean science, Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day, we did a year long study of ocean animals. We kept up with all the fact sheets, crossword puzzles, and mini books in a notebook. Again, Big Brother REALLY likes looking back at all the fun stuff he did during the year.

Big Brother’s FAVORITE project was definitely the ocean box he did as part of the Apologia study. Each time we learned about a new class of animals, he got to add an example to the box. We got a little behind towards the end of the year… so on the last day of school, I gave his lots and lots of supplies and let him finish the remaining creatures. He is so proud of this box. It is on display in the middle of our living room.

We also completed Math U See Alpha and are ready for Beta. I’ve thought about getting that and starting during the summer… just to keep things fresh. However, math is Big Brother’s least favorite thing to do and he might not appreciate it too much!

We’ll be trying to keep cool this summer and do lots of hiking and playing with friends for the next eight weeks before we gear up for our next school year. In the fall, Big Sis will be doing more structured school and Little Sis will be able to do a little more with us too! I have my hopes for next year’s curriculum and supplies and am praying for God’s provision… because right now, I don’t know how we’ll be able to afford it. But I do know that God has provided in the past and I have no reason to doubt that he will continue to do so!

How is your school year looking? Are you finished for the school year or do you do school year round?

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School’s Out for Summer

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