Our fourth of July was pretty low key. We stuck around the house for most of the day. I was basically out of commission with what I thik was a kidney stone.

Once I did start feeling better, we did an easy craft and put together a red, white and blue treat to enjoy while watching fireworks from the front yard.

First we did our craft… fireworks painting. We dropped little blobs of finger paint around the paper… then the kids took straws and blew the paint around so it spread out… like fireworks.

When the blowing through a straw got old, I gave them star shaped cookie cutters to use as stamps. As Big Brother found out, you’re going to want to be gentle with the cookie cutters… if you stamp to hard or twist them on the paper, it will rip!

For our patriotic treat, we made fruit parfaits using blueberries, strawberries and whip cream… yum!

We were able to see LOTS of fireworks from our front porch. The kids were excited to do sparklers and run around WELL past their bedtime!

Easy Fourth of July Activities

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