So… apparently I have been spending a lot of time on Pinterest lately…

Here’s the latest project. It’s been in my mind for a while and finally came together yesterday. I am not going to do a tutorial because you can find one here that’s very thorough. I am just going to show you how things worked out for me.
My kids are SUPER into pretend and dress up. My girls go through at least four or five outfits and personas (is that a real word) on any given day. The “make believe” corner of their room is overflowing. Big Brother gets in on the play most days, but you know… there’s just not a lot of stuff out there for boys to play dress up. I mean… we have a lot of hats, some gloves, a crown and a couple of super hero costumes that have been handed down, but that’s about it. I am working on putting together a Little House on the Prairie/ Farmer Boy outfit for him.

I made sure to test a small piece of fabric on an out of the way spot on the wall before I went forward with this project. I used the iron on adhesive, Heat n Bond for medium fabrics. You can find it at Wal- Mart or just about any craft store. Follow the directions on the package for attaching it to your fabric.

When I ironed the fabric to the wall (yes, you read that right)… I set the iron on a lower setting and barely touched it to the fabric. I only used the tip of the iron and let it sit on the fabric for maybe two seconds at a time… just enough to adhere it to the wall. I just followed the outline of the fabric with the tip of the iron.

I drew my letters, crown and sunglasses freehand, but if you want a more professional look… you can print out your words/ images and trace them (backwards) on to your heat n bonded fabric before you start cutting.

I added some pictures of the kids playing dress up. I printed them out with cute little frames using my scrapbooking software. You could actually print out pictures for real and frame them, but this was cheap, easy and quick. I really like the way this corner of the room turned out.

Fabric wall decals might be my new obsession. Big Brother wants me to do the words “build” and “create” in his room, along with some lego blocks. I’ve thought about doing a “live, love, laugh” in our master bedroom and surrounding it with family pictures. The possibilities are endless. AND… because this is such an inexpensive project, you can take the decals off and change things up as often as you like!!!



Pinterest Made Me Do It- DIY Wall Decals

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