I really thought about whether or not to put my thoughts out there about this whole deal with Chick Fil A. I have read several good articles, blogs, facebook posts, etc. dealing with the whole ordeal, but then something started happening that really made my heart hurt. Christians started in on the judging and hurtful comments directed at those who support Chick Fil A and chose to show that support by eating there yesterday.

It makes me sad. My husband used to work for Chick Fil A. I grew up eating there. My high school friends and I went to the Dwarf House in Atlanta OFTEN! We participate as a family in Cow Appreciation Day every year. Needless to say, Chick Fil A is near and dear to my heart.

It’s easy for people to judge Chick Fil A… on many accounts… they are “too Christian” or “they aren’t Christian enough.” Seriously… the comments that I have seen most recently on facebook are judging those who chose to spend money in support of Chick Fil A instead of sending it to aid orphans in Africa. To those who post comments like that, I’d like to ask, “are you aware of just how much Chick Fil A and the Cathy family give AWAY?” It’s astronomical… and yes… much of it goes toward the care of orphans and those from broken homes.  I truly believed that God has blessed that business because of how they honor Him with their resources. It’s not just about being closed on Sunday.

I think this whole issue with supporting Chick Fil A has served to give Christians a voice in America… we call ourselves a Christian nation… although, I don’t really see how or why we do. We’ve taken God out of our public schools. We’ve let gods into our churches. We’ve embraced “tolerance” and “coexisting” as long as we don’t mention Jesus. We’ve petitioned to have “in God we trust” removed from the Pledge. We remove professors from college science departments if they even hint at believing in Intelligent Design. I think that supporting Chick Fil A doesn’t make people judgmental or not a stellar Christian… I think it give people a sense of unity that we are not alone in the Christian faith.

Now.. you may balk at that statement and say, but wait… aren’t there like thousands of churches that people attend weekly to join in fellowship? Well… yes, but to be completely honest, the amount of truly Biblical, Christ following churches is decreasing at an alarming rate. So many churches are embracing new age and inclusive ideology. They are reconstructing the Bible to conform to our own desires. But that’s another post for another time.

I am writing all this to say… hey Christians… let’s present a unified front. When we quarrel amongst ourselves, what witness does that bring forth? You don’t have to like chicken… or someone else’s passion for chicken, but let’s remember what started the whole thing… one man made a comment in defense of God’s word… of God’s design for marriage. It’s not about Chick Fil A.

And… for the record…

– Dan Cathy never said anything AGAINST gay marriage

– Chick Fil A hires and serves homosexuals

– Dan Cathy said that he supports the Biblical design for marriage… one man, one woman

– It was not some marketing  ploy on the part of Chick Fil A to make money… yesterday’s demonstration (for lack of a better word) was instigated by Mike Huckabee…. who in no way benefited financially from the profits made.

There is SO much more that I want to say.. but I’ll leave it at this. Feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts. Any foul or inappropriate language will be removed.



Chick Fil A- My Two Cents

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  • August 2, 2012 at 3:34 pm

    I totally agree Katie! Well said! I almost deleted my FB account last night it had me so frustrated!


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