I feel like we study seasons in some way or another each year. I am always putting little trees in each corner of the page and having the kids draw the leaves for the appropriate season. Or I’m painting their arms and hands brown to make handprint trees. All these things are fun, but how many handprint trees do I need from my kids?

This week, I created a new printable for the kids to use. I still divided the page into four sections, one for each season, but then gave them a separate sheet with items to cut and sort into the appropriate season. This worked out because Big Sis was also working on sorting and classifying this week.

I hope you find this useful:

Click here to download —-> Seasons Part 1

Click here to download —–> Seasons Part 2

I do enjoy feedback. I’d love to know if this is something you’ll use!

Happy Friday!

Freebie Friday- Weather Sorting Printable

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