A couple of years ago, we were given this fun solar print kit. Every time I would think about pulling it out for the kids, it would inevitably be raining.

Well… a couple of weeks ago, Big Brother checked out a book from the library called Wonderful Weather. It is filled with facts about weather and experiments to help understand how weather works. We did a few of the experiments and then decided to pull out the Solar Print Kit and have some sun fun.

The kit came with some transparent images and words to use with the solar paper. It also came with some blank cards for making your own greeting cards.

The first round of prints we did was with the items that came with the kit:

The process is very quick and simple. In a shaded area or room, place the items on the blue paper, slide into the frame provided in the kit and then place in the sun for about five minutes or until the paper turns almost white. Then… remove the objects and immediately rinse the paper and set it to dry. The paper will return to a blue color, but the pictures made from the sun will be light.

While we were waiting the five minutes for the sun to do it’s work, the kids gathered objects from around the house and yard for round two:

These objects seemed to work better for us… maybe because they were a little heavier and pressed down on the paper more.

I had the kids journal about the experience and tape their prints into their journals.

You can buy the kit and refill papers at Amazon. I don’t gain anything by sharing this post with you. I just thought I’d pass on the fun!

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Solar Print Kit and Sun Fun

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