We were at Chick Fil A the other night and ran into some friends from church. Their kids were asking for icecream and the parents were kind of unsure about it. I asked if they knew that you can trade in your kids meal toy for free ice cream? They had never heard of this deal!

SO… I thought I’d put together a little bloggy blog post of things that are good to know… and mostly free!

So… number 1… you can trade your kids meal toy at Chick Fil A for ice cream… and guess what… it doesn’t even have to be the current kids toy! We have a stock pile of Chick Fil A toys just waiting to be traded for a family ice cream night!

Free Cookies… Most grocery story bakeries will give your kids a free cookie. If the cookies are not out, just ask!

Sites you should visit:

Free Homeschool Deals… even if you are not a homeschoolers, you should check this one out. She has a list of FREE kindle books up almost daily!!!

Barnes and Noble Online Story Time and Read to Me   -These sites are great online story time resources. The actual authors of the books are reading books. I think that is just so fun… you actually get to hear the author’s voice inflection and intent!

Kids Eat Free– A list of several restaurants where kids eat free… be sure to double check with your local restaurant before you head out though!

My Savings– This site offers daily freebies and deals. You can subscribe for a daily email or just pop on over to the site

For the Local Western North Carolinians:

Dancing Bear Toys has a kids birthday club. Sign up and you get a 15% coupon and a treat from the birthday box

Kilwins also has a birthday deal for a free kids’ cone… but you have to sign up ahead of time.

And speaking of birthday clubs:

Toys R Us

Baskin Robbins

Burger King


Ace Hardware


Be sure to check out your local library, parks, attractions for free or discounted events. AND feel free to share your findings here!






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