I’m going to stop making excuses and just own it… I’m a blog slacker. It’s actually a good thing. I started this blog during a time of loneliness and, what I felt like, isolation when my husband was in seminary. It was an outlet, a hobby… something I needed to connect with the outside world.

Seminary is over and we are one year into the next chapter of our lives. This chapter has become steeped in community and life outside of myself. We are involved with our church and we have joined with other families who are also using My Father’s World to do a weekly co op. With these and other new demands on my time, blogging has fallen to the wayside… I’m okay with that. I will blog when I can.

Ok.. so here’s a look back at this past week/ month in homeschool.

So… almost everyone in our house has taken a turn being sick. Our school this month has been a little relaxed as a result.

Last week, we took a day to go hiking and see the leaves:

Big Sis is coming right along in her reading and writing. I do think the first grade My Father’s World can get a little tedious with it’s phonics instruction, but I can see how Big Sis is progressing and it makes it worth the time and effort.

Her sentence says “Sue sees a rude goose”… I just love her picture of the rude goose… with it’s beak turned up and everything!

One benefit of our co op that is HUGE is that we are able to do art projects that most likely would not get done at home. Exploring Countries and Cultures came with the book, Global Art. Last week, while studying Canadian Inuits, the kids did soap carvings:

The girls in the group took a Canadian recipe from “A Trip Around the World” for a blueberry cobbler like dessert. We all got to share a little treat at the end of co op that day.

The grandparents came up to see the leaves at the beginning of this week to see the leaves. So.. we took Tuesday to head out to the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Cold Mountain

And lastly, because we started studying Brazil and the rainforest this week, we put together a terrarium. I’ll post next week on how to put together your own terrarium and why they are so fun.

That’s what’s happening around these parts? How was your week?

This Week in Homeschool

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