We have had an outbreak of the stomach bug at our house this week. Between staying up for several hours in the middle of the night with a pukey kid and trying to keep kids separated, happy and hydrated… I am just not in the mood or right frame of mind for a typical homeschool day.

This morning, I got on the computer to print out our lesson plans for the week (yes, I am a little behind) and some how I found my way to pinterest… shocking, right?

I came across an idea to use legos to build world flags. This goes right along with our curriculum, Exploring Countries and Cultures. I showed Big Brother and he was super excited to grab his flags of the world book and get started. He focused mainly on Europe today. I see this as being a regular activity from now on:


I promise he was more excited than he seems in the picture!!

We then moved onto a game I found on Pinterest:IMAG2271

I’m not sure (I didn’t really read the post) what the actual rules are for the game. We started with a minifigure stacked on two legos. We played until one person reached the end. The first to the end got a point and the one with the highest tower got a point. We played three times and counted the points and the end.

IMAG2272Another idea I saw on pinterest a while back was placing the dice in a small container. This is AWESOME! I love that we can roll the dice and they don’t go all over the place. It makes game playing so much more pleasant.

What do you do on sick or rainy days?

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Sick Day Lego Fun
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One thought on “Sick Day Lego Fun

  • January 15, 2013 at 9:38 pm

    Feel better soon! We have the stomach sickies, too.


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