We recently studied Kenya in My Father’s World, Exploring Countries and Cultures. We talked a good bit about grasslands. As a fun little activity with our co op, we made sock grass! I did this activity when I was teaching kindergarten and we studied plants and seeds. It’s great…the grass usually grows quickly.


What you need:

Potting Soil

Grass Seed

Old Sock, cut off at the heel

Small container to put the sock in… I cut a red solo cup in half


How you put it together:

1. open up the sock and dump in about a tablespoon of grass seed

2. dump in about 1/2- 1 cup of soil

3. tie off the sock (we used rubber bands to do this step)

4. decorate your container (optional) and place the sock it … you want the tied off side pointing down

5. place some water in the base of the container (it will be absorbed by the sock) and place in a well lit area


Our grass began growing in about a week. Within two weeks, we had enough grass that we could give our plants a “hair cut.” This is a fun project to have around. My kids enjoy cutting the hair often. The grass grows quickly as long as it is well watered. You don’t need to soak the plant, but make sure that your sock stays damp.

What kind of fun plant activities have you done?

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Sock Grass Activity

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