In our co op this week, our younger crowd (all girls) celebrated the 100th Day of School. I was in charge of gathering the activities… so, I turned to Pinterest… of course!

Here are the activities I went with… there were so many to choose from !!


I pulled out 100 blocks from our block box at home. The girls made 10 piles of 10 blocks. We counted by tens to one hundred. IMAG2589

Then they had some free time to see what they could build with one hundred blocks… they ended up seeing how tall they could make their tower before it fell.

You can find the original pin here. IMAG2596

Next, we counted by tens again while we painted gumballs into ten gumball machines.

You can find the original pin, as well as the link to this free printable here.


For our final activity, our fourteen year old helper led the girls in an activity of stringing 100 fruit loops onto yarn for a necklace… she did a great job… unfortunately, the little girls were hungry and most of the fruit loops didn’t make it on the necklace.

The original pin is here.

In addition to these fun activities, we read

And we watched this Old School, Schoolhouse Rock Video… Counting by 5s to 100!

If you’d like to check out the other fun ideas I came across, feel free to visit my 100th Day of School board on Pinterest!

What have you and your kids enjoyed when it comes to the 100th Day of School?

100th Day of School Pinterest Round Up

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