I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been teaching a writing class through our local homeschool association’s enrichment classes. I have one class that is early elementary and one that is upper. I’ve really enjoyed teaching (I do miss being in a classroom every now and then)… and, even though some of the kids have made it clear that my class was not their first choice, I think they’ve enjoyed it as well.

Originally, I was going to teach poetry for just one week, but decided to stretch it into two (we only meet once a week). For the first class, I read poetry from the Bible, Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstein and a book of riddles I picked up from Scholastic. We then spent the rest of the time doing “magnetic” poetry. To prepare for the class, I printed out several common words, laminated them and cut them out. The idea was to have a large version of the magnetic poetry kits you can buy (at least I think you can still buy them!).


I split the kids into groups of three or four and had them come up and work as a team to make up a poem using the words provided.


My younger class decided that the point was to use ALL of the words provided. The older class worked a little harder to make the poems make sense. Both classes really enjoyed this game.

You can visit www.magneticpoetry.com to do an online version of magnetic poetry. I used the words from this site when making the game for the class.

For the second week of class, I had the kids actually do some writing. I gave them three choices to write… an acrostic, using their name,.. a riddle or just a simple poem about things they liked. I did examples for them:


I let the children use THIS PRINTABLE that I found on Pinterest.

What are some ideas you’ve used when it comes to teaching poetry?

Teaching Poetry

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