This is our third year participating in the Cupcake Kids International Cupcake sale. What’s the Cupcake Kids you ask? Well… let me tell you! A few years ago, some dear friends of ours felt called to start a ministry called Sixty Feet. The primary purpose of the ministry is to work with street children who have been placed in child remand centers in Uganda. The ministry seeks to provide things like food, shelter, clean water, vocational training and other awesome things.

The children of the ministry founders wanted to be part of the ministry and decided to sell cupcakes to raise money.. and thus started the Cupcake Kids. The idea spread and over the last three years quite a few cupcake sales have taken place all over the world!

We have been blessed to be part of the cupcake kids for the last three years.


We set up our cupcake stand at the local hardware store for the second year in a row. They were having a big sale, so we had a lot of people buy cupcakes!


The kids learned to articulate the vision of Sixty Feet. They learned how to approach people and we had a big lesson in social graces!

If you weren’t able to make it out to our cupcake sale on Saturday and you’d still like to help out… you can buy a “virtual cupcake” … in other words, you can make a donation through our online cupcake stand .

Thanks for stopping by today!

Cupcake Kids 2013

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