I tried to think of a good name for this post… the budget friendly workout, the no excuses workout, the no equipment needed workout… I landed on the busy mama’s workout because that is the number one concern I hear from other women in my stage of life… when do you find the time to exercise?

I mean… the time is there. I think any of us can squeeze out thirty minutes in our day… we just have to be creative… get up early? when the kids are napping? when the kids are playing outside? when the kids are playing inside? as part of your homeschool day? when you take the kids to the park? after dinner? when the kids go to bed?

I had to be committed to exercising to make it work. The last thing I ever thought I’d be committed to was exercise. I have every (valid) excuse in the book. I have four children. I have a chronic illness that I have to manage daily. I homeschool. I have a household to manage, clean and cook for. I get enough activity trying to keep up with my four children. I don’t really have bad eating habits. But the truth is… I was and still am overweight. I had no energy. I was tired all the time. I am a stress eater. I needed to make a change.

Just over a year ago, I got off the sofa and went outside and started walking up and down the stairs on the side of our house. That’s how it started. I have learned several different types of exercise and workout routines in the last year. I have gone from getting winded just walking to the mailbox to actually leading a group of ladies in working out. I’m not saying that to be prideful… I’m saying that you can do it… slow and steady wins the race. You don’t need a gym membership. You don’t need equipment. You don’t need to be in amazing shape. You just need to want it.

Enough talking… on to the good stuff:

exercise 1

I put together this Cup O’ Exercise with several body weight exercises… meaning … you don’t need equipment. You only need you! I’ll share my top three favorite ways to use this cup:

1. Tabata Style… short bursts of exercises with small breaks in between

You start by picking two exercises (example: squats and push ups)

                 20 seconds of squats

                 10 second break

                  20 seconds of push ups

                  10 second break

                  *repeat three times for a total of four rounds*

                 Take a one minute break then pick two new exercises an repeat the process ( I suggest anywhere from 4- 7 rounds)

exercise 2This was my Tabata workout one day last week

2. Circuit Training

            Pick 4-6 exercises

            Do each exercise for 45 seconds with a 15 second break in between

            After completing all the exercises once, take a minute break then start again!

           **Repeat 2 – 3 times**

3. Cardio with Circuit Training

             We have steps on the side of our house. I love to use those to really get a good cardio workout. My favorite thing to do is

             Run Up and down the Steps for 5 minutes

            Circuit Train for 5 minutes.. Pull out 5 exercises from the cup… do each for 1 minute

            **Repeat 3- 4 times**

            **If you don’t have stairs, you can run or walk up and down your driveway or hall or run in place, jumping jacks, etc.

**Don’t forget to stretch after exercising**

I plan on incorporating the exercises into our homeschool as well. The kids are used to seeing my husband and I (and many of our friends) exercise. They know that it is important. They usually join in with us for at least part of the time. Big Brother and Big Sister often make up their own workout routines.

You can use the cup o’exercise in so many different ways. I’d love to hear how other folks would utilize this tool.

Here is the list of exercises I have in my cup. Although… as I learn new things, I add to the cup!

Push Ups, Spiderman Push Ups, Tricep Dips, Leg Lefts, Side Leg Lifts, Ab Choppers, Butterfly Sit Ups, Crunches, Elevated Crunches, Twisting Crunches, Squats, One Leg Squats, Jumping Jacks, Lunges, Inch Worms, Burpees, Wall Sit, Supermans, Swimmers, Supine Bicycle, Front Kicks, Side Kicks, Plank, Plank Push Ups, Hand Stand Push Ups, Side Plank, Hip Raise, Squat Jacks, Squat Jabs, Box Jump, Calf Raises, Oblique Pulls, mountain climbers, …

I’d love to hear what your favorite workout is. How do you incorporate exercise in your day?

You can also check out my Fitness Board on Pinterest to see where I get some of my inspiration!

One last thought… if you can find friends to workout with every now and then, that’s a great encouragement to keep going. We can always learn from each other. I have been so inspired by some wonderful people God has put in my life, including my always amazing husband!

Busy Mama’s Workout

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