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Until about five days ago, I was all set to use My Father’s World, Creation to the Greeks this year. I had already bought the basic set and student sheets for Big Brother and Big Sister. I even went to Wal Mart last week and got the suggested school supplies to go along with the curriculum.

And then…

I realized, I didn’t really want to teach the material. I was NOT looking forward to the year. I love My Father’s World and would recommend it to anyone. I think it is solid and complete and very Biblical. I just wasn’t feeling it this year.

Last year, I finally felt like I was getting into the swing of things with school. I hit my sweet spot and really felt like things were clicking. I’ve been using My Father’s World because it is a complete curriculum.. laid out for me with day to day instructions. I needed that… it seemed to be that every year, we were either moving or having a baby. I needed to not have to do much planning in terms of school.

This year, we are fairly settled (although, I know things can change) and I’m not pregnant (again… I know things can change)… and I feel ready to be creative and see where the year leads. Sounds very unschoolish, doesn’t it?

I started by asking the kids, “What do you want to learn about this year?” Wow… were they excited. They were thrilled to pieces when I told them they could have input in what we learned about.

IMAG3790This is Big Sis’s list.. learn about animals and airplanes and furniture.


And this is Big Brother’s… he wants to learn about “how stuff works”


That’s where we’ll start. We went to the library this morning and got books about machines, airplanes and pandas.

Now… I’ve also recently discovered Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool:

Easy Peasy

A complete, online, Biblical, FREE homeschool program. It’s pretty amazing. I’m planning to use that for our language arts… and maybe throw in some history and science as well. I am a little concerned with screen time, but others have reassured me that it is not an issue and the kids will have plenty to do off screen.

We will still be using Math U See for our math. Big Brother is now in Gamma and Big Sis is in Alpha.

We will also be utilizing legos A LOT in our learning. I would LOVE to somehow become affiliated with legos and be able to product test and do fun reviews and giveaways. That is all my children want to do these days! And they are SO creative. It really blows my mind. Check back monthly for our daily lego challenges. You can find the one for August here.

I am hoping to get this Simple Machines Set from Lego Education:

As far as Little Sis is concerned, I’ll be working with her on her letters. I’m going to be using Getting Ready on Easy Peasy. As well as resources I’ve used in the past like this one:

My ABC Bible Verses: Hiding God’s Word in Little Hearts

We will also be utilizing Busy Bags… more on that later!

And then there’s Baby Girl. She’s going to be a challenge. She is my passionate toddler who is in to everything. Last year, we were able to get school done while she took a morning nap. This year, well… we will just have to take it one day at a time with her!

So… it appears that our curriculum will be growing and building as the year progresses. Honestly… I am so excited. I feel so free and adventurous. I know this is going to be a great year. We are starting tomorrow and my kids are so excited as well.

How about you? What are you going to be doing this year?

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Our Homeschool Curriculum 2013-2014

4 thoughts on “Our Homeschool Curriculum 2013-2014

  • August 7, 2013 at 6:19 am

    Gosh I like to keep my curriculum easy since I have to teach it with 2 other people and not skip a beat. We’ll be using Youth digital for kid programming, TypingWeb for typing, Abeka DVDs for all other classes. For a supplement to use with Abeka Math we will be using Teaching Textbooks Math 5 and Pre-Algebra. I’d really like to explore some of the other curriculums but as a working parent I have to do one that’s all set up for us. And it’s working for the kids this year.

  • August 22, 2013 at 1:58 pm

    We love Easy Peasy! My daughter is using for the third year this year(6th grade). It leaves pleanty of time for her to be creative and as a work-at-home mom I love it’s laid out but not too strict. Screen time has not been an issue mainly because my daughter is so creative she hardly ever uses the computer for anything else. Have an amazing year.

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