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Before I begin what a typical day in the life of our homeschool looks like, let me share my facebook updates from yesterday and today:

Trying to get psyched about taking all 4 kids to the dentist this morning. Maybe Jesus will come back before I have to go.”

You want glimpse into a day in my life? As I’m standing, checking out our 60 plus books at the library, Big Sis hurls herself, feet first at a glass wall (thankfully, it didn’t break), Little Sis announces that she is gargling her own spit and Big Brother is off to the side doing armpit farts.”

I share those to say, I’m not sure what a typical day looks like because I’m not sure we have typical days.

I’ll share with you how MOST days go when we don’t have dentist appointments or library trips or park play dates or enrichment classes or co op or hiking or swimming or birthdays, etc.

We generally wake up around 7 and when I say “we”… I mean… Little Sis comes barreling out of her door and whichever parent hears her (or admits to hearing her) first gets up and gets the day started while the other parent catches a little extra sleep.

The kids eat breakfast and then play until around 9:30. We gather together to read our Bible and meet together… eventually, I’ll institute a morning calendar time like we did last year. I’m easing into that. Our morning meeting time usually lasts between 10- 20 minutes.

We move on to snack time from here for about 10 minutes.

IMAG3768This is our command central. Our kitchen is also our homeschool room. We have our workboxes, family calendar and supplies all in one place.

Next, we move on to table work. We use workboxes. Each night, after the kids go to bed, I load their workboxes with their table work… this includes math, language arts, science, special interest learning (Big Sister was working on a Panda lapbook recently and Big Brother is working on Simple Machines), and daily Lego building challenges. I am usually having to be pretty hands on with Big Sis during this time. She is not very confident in her reading and asks a lot of questions. Big Brother is pretty independent but does need me nearby. Little Sis is turning four this week. She desperately wants to do school like the big kids. She has three workboxes where I put different activities daily… usually having to do with a letter of the week. She has a bin of busy bags that she can use as well. Table work usually lasts about 1 1/2 to 2 hours a day. We try to finish up by lunch.

After lunch, the kids play until around 2 when we have quiet/ rest/ independent reading time. This is when the littles take naps and I try to exercise.

We usually have some kind of free technology time in the afternoon as well. The kids can choose to play in the Tablet or Computer. Big Brother and Big Sis get half an hour each and Little Sis gets about 15 minutes.

I would like to eventually add in some music instruction like guitar or piano… but that will have to be down the road of this year.

Now… that is how it SHOULD LOOK. Let’s take a look at how it ACTUALLY LOOKS.

Let’s take Friday of last week for example.

IMAG3771Morning Meeting time… we read the Bible while Baby Girl (19 months) sat in my lap and screamed because she wasn’t feeling well and didn’t like the dress I put on her.

We headed to the doctor because Baby Girl was quickly developing croup and it was Friday and I didn’t want to go into the weekend with a super sick baby.

We then went to Wal Mart to pick up a prescription for Baby Girl and a birthday present for a friend.

We came home and had lunch, late.

I put baby girl down for nap and then we started our table work.

Little Sis, who was just getting over croup herself, cried because I showed her how to use the water colors to paint a letter C page … she wanted to do it herself. She wouldn’t quit crying and throwing paint brushes… so I sent her to her bed… where she fell asleep for a nap.

The older two completed their table work without much drama… thankfully.

By that time, the afternoon was gone and it was time to start on dinner.

I’m okay with not having every day look like that last. I do think there is value in routine. I do think that kids need some sort of structure, but you know… life happens. Kids get sick. Friends want to have play dates at the park. Library books need to be returned. Sometimes we need to meet daddy downtown for a frozen yogurt date. I don’t want to be so tied to my schedule that I forget to enjoy my kids and that they forget to enjoy me.

How does a “typical” day in your homeschool look?

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A Day in the Life of Our Homeschool

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  • August 27, 2013 at 4:54 pm

    Oh I love workboxes. But I came up with a way to only have to reload them on Sundays since I’m so strapped for time during the week. Most times I do it then, lol!


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