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In general, our homeschool day begins together. All the kids (ages 8, 6, 4 and 20 mo) sit with me in the living room to do our Bible reading, prayer, calendar and what ever else comes to mind.

We are using Easy Peasy for many of our school subjects, including our Bible reading. This is how we start our day. Most of the time, I read and then we discuss, but every now and then, Big Brother reads for us. When we finish reading, we pray about what we’ve read and how to apply it to our day.

We then move on to our calendar board:

calendar 2

1. This is simply a blank piece of paper that I laminated to use as a whiteboard of sorts where we can write whatever we need during calendar. It may be a country that we are praying for or a sentence stretching activity or a phrase in Spanish. The possibilities are endless.

2. The calendar. This is just a blank calendar I printed out and laminated. Each day we write in the date and talk about the month, day and year. We also use this to practice counting.

3. Weather chart. This camefrom Confessions of a Homeschooler. I placed velcro dots on the chart and the weather pieces. Each morning, someone checks the weather and places the appropriate card on the appropriate day.

4. This is another blank, laminated paper. I added a clip (secured with packing tape) on which to put our memory verse for the week. We are reading through My ABCs of Scripture with Little Sis. I printed all the verses on cards when Big Brother was little. We are placing the cards here for everyone to memorize together. This week is D- Do all things without complaining and disputing- Philippians 2:14.

5. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Chart- Also from  Confessions of a Homeschooler and also utilizing velcro dots.

6. Books of the Bible Chart

7. Days in School Number Chart from Homeschool Creations

8. Here I have another clip secured with packing tape. Big Brother is working on Multiplication this year and I happened upon these skip counting practice sheets from Homeschool Creations. Each week we will work on something different. This week is skip counting by 15.

9. Prayer Guide. We printed this guide out as one of our devotional activities from Easy Peasy. We talked about the word compassion and made an acrostic using the word as a guide. The kids came up with ideas to pray for including “children in Uganda” “missionaries” and “orphans.”

When we finish with our morning time together, we head to the table to do our workbox/ table work. Our morning meeting takes anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes depending on attention spans. We also might use this time to watch videos that go with school (School House Rock counting by 5s is a big favorite).

Do you have a morning meeting or calendar time in your homeschool day?

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