My kids are SUPER active. I know most kids are… but mine are like REALLY, REALLY wiggly! I had a sweet friend ask, ever so cautiously, “do you think (your son) might have a touch of ADHD?” I just laughed and thought, “a touch?!?!… the kid’s drowning in it!”

We are generally active people. I mean, we have our share of screen time, quiet time, reading time, etc. But, I hear myself, more often than not saying things like “Try not to fall out of the chair” and “If you’re going to do laps, please do them outside and not around the kitchen table” and “Can you please stop climbing up the door, you might fall on your sister.”

Big Brother (and consequently, the Sisters) newest obsession is the show, American Ninja Warrior… it is an extreme obstacle course. Big Brother started watching this summer and has decided that he will be on this show when he is older. He has started his training. I find him spider crawling up the door, repelling off the porch, shimmying up flag poles and all kinds of other crazy things:

Hand Stand

Recently, we were visiting family. Big Brother was bored and antsy so I suggested that I make up an obstacle course for him to do… you know… for his ninja training. It included running up and down stairs, push ups, crab walks, bear crawls, etc. He was so excited. The girls and the cousins got in on the fun. It was all fun and games for me until Super Dad suggested that I do the course as well. I had made it up to wear out Big Brother… I was huffing and puffing through it!

The next week, we were home and playing outside… the kids wanted another obstacle course. Super Dad made it up this time. It included flying on the swing like superman, climbing over the picnic table, running around the house, throwing a giant log. The kids LOVED it!!!

Obstacl Course

My point is… get kids involved in exercise… make it fun. Whether you have super active kids that need to get their wiggles out or kids who are reluctant to play, exercise is a good thing! Look for creative ways to get them up and moving. We also love to play follow the leader around the front yard… talk about a workout!

What do you do to get your kids up and moving?

Work Out Wednesday- Family Obstacle Course

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