We have been using lapbooks quite a bit this school year. I learned about this tool last year and only really started looking into it this year. We started using Easy Peasy for many of our subjects this year. Lapbooks are utilized a lot… especially with history. I love the idea of lapbooks… that at the end of a unit study, all of the fun projects are preserved in an easy to store file folder.

Here is the reader’s digest version of lapbooking (from my perspective):

1. Choose a unit or subject to study

2. Check out books and look up websites and activities about the subject

3. Each day, work a little on your unit study and add mini books (small books that contain information from that day’s study) to your lapbook ( a file folder… one that has often been doctored up to include more space)

4. Continue to work on these mini books as you work through your unit study until you are done. Complete your lapbook and enjoy.

I’m sure that did not make a whole lot of since, so here are some links to lapbook tutorials that are very helpful:

How to Make A Lapbook

Lapbook Templates

How to Fold A Lapbook

Instructions on How to Make a Lapbook

Once you’ve figured out how to make a lapbook, there are TONS of FREE lapbooks circulating around. At the beginning of this school year, I asked the kids to write down what they wanted to learn about. I took the list and looked for lapbooks to go with the subjects. I was afraid I was going to have to put together my own (which would be fine), but it turns out, I have found lapbooks to go with everything I’ve searched for so far. Here are some of my favorites that we’ve done so far:


Simple Machines (I did pay for this one, but it was well worth it as all the info needed is included)



Fall Leaves (this one is $1.00)

If you go to Pinterest and search for Lapbooks, all kinds of wonderful resources will pop up. Here are a couple of sites that offer free, complete lapbooks. You can also piece together your own lapbook by gathering your own activities and minibooks (check out our Thanksgiving Lapbook from last year).

Homeschool Share

Lapbook Lessons

Homeschool Helper

Do you use lapbooks? What are your favorite resources?

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