Here’s day 2 of our Thanksgiving Activities!

I found this fun ACTIVITY where the kids learn the story of the first Thanksgiving and then make story retelling bracelets to help them remember.

We watched the Charlie Brown version of the first Thanksgiving, called the Mayflower Voyagers (I used to be able to find it on You Tube, but I couldn’t this year. It is on Netflix though). After the video, we made the bracelets as we reviewed the story.

IMAG4619The white represents the Mayflower, blue the ocean, green the land, black the hard first year, brown the turkey, red the cranberries, yellow the corn and orange the pumpkin pie. You twist the ends of the pipe cleaner to represent holding hands and giving thanks.

Also… here’s another Printable Activity that I put together for the kids.

Click the link BELOW the image for the printable version:

Time for Turkey

Click to download printable version —–>>Time for Turkey

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Come back tomorrow for even more Thanksgiving fun!!!

What does your family do to celebrate Thanksgiving?

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