journal 2We started something new this Thanksgiving… but it’s not just for the month of November. It will be a year round thing in our home.

We leave it in a central place in the living room with a pen available. Whenever someone is struck with a thankful heart, they can record it in the journal. I love that there are different handwritings and personalities represented already.

journal 1I have really been praying for my kids to have a thankful heart. I struggle with the fact that they always want more. If we go to the park, they always ask who else will be there. If we watch a show on TV, they ask to watch a second one. They always want more and more. I know that some of that is the age… but I want to teach them early. I want to see a heart of thankfulness cultivated in them. I’m hoping this will help keep it at the forefront of their minds (and mine).

Do you like the cover… simple and to the point? Feel free to print yourself one… click the link BELOW the image for the printable version.

Give ThanksClick for the Printable Version Give Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!

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