Today’s gift guide focuses on preschool (ages 3-5)

Now… my preschooler, who is 4, is probably my hardest one to shop for. She doesn’t really play with toys. I’m not really sure what she does when she’s playing. She loves make believe and she loves to be with her big brother and big sister. Here are a few ideas for the preschool sector:

Lego (shocking) Duplo:

The Duplo blocks are bigger and easier to manipulate than regular legos. They are a great starter for building toys. Duplo also has a storybook series and even Jake and the Neverland Pirates (which Little Sis loves). MegaBloks are another great building block to have on hand.

In my experience, preschoolers love make believe! Any kind of dress up (boys and girls) is sure to be a hit.

Some dress up ideas for girls are:









Some ideas for boys are:






I am a really big fan of Melissa and Doug products. They are sturdy and stand the test of time in our home. Here are a few of my favorites:

Car Carrier
See and Spell


Sandwich Making Set
They have several Play Food Sets that are Excellent


Magnetic Dress Up Dolls
We have a set of these that have been loved by boys and girls in our home

I don’t know about you, but my preschooler seems to have UNENDING ENERGY. I mean… we do things that I think for sure will wear her out and it’s like she’s just more energized because of it! Here are two toys that we have in our home. They are great for your energetic kid!

Bungee Jumper
Kids Jumper

Some other ideas for your preschooler include:

Books, books and more books! Pinkalicious and Fancy Nancy are favorites around here!

Toy Kitchen

Toy Tool Bench

Trikes and Bikes

Toy Dinosaurs


My Little Pony

Games like Hi Ho Cherrio, Uno Moo, Pop the Pig, and Memory

What are your favorite ideas for gifts for preschoolers?

Be sure to check out the gift guide for Elementary Age Girls and Elementary Age Boys.

Come back tomorrow for ideas for toddlers!

Gift Guide for your Preschooler

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