I think the number one thing on our toddler gift list would have to be Fisher Price Little People. They are so durable and easy to grasp and play with. They are easy to clean as well.

Our favorites are :

The Lil’ Movers Plane
(comes in pink too)


Happy Sounds Home



We also have, and enjoy, the Farm, the Wheelies Stand and Play Rampway, the Schoolbus and the Nativity Set.

Recently, Baby Sis got a My Pal Scout from Leapfrog:

I like Leapfrog Products. You can connect My Pal Scout with a usb cord to the computer and download info to personalize it for your child. Baby Girl’s Scout knows her favorite colors, animals, foods, etc. And, as long as your child’s name isn’t too unusual, you can personalize My Pal Scout with your child’s name as well.

Color Wonder Markers and Paper

Color wonder products are great for toddlers! The markers only color on the special paper… so you don’t have to worry about marker getting on everything! They have several different themed kits.

Corn Popper

Any kind of push toy is a hit with a toddler. You could go with the Fisher Price corn popper or a doll stroller, lawn mower, etc.

Lastly… and this has been a favorite in our home:

Tar Junior

This little toy is another one from Leap Frog. Like the My Pal Scout, you can personalize Tag Jr with your child’s name. You purchase books separately that go with the Tag Jr. system and download them onto the little guy. The Tag Jr is easy for toddlers to hold. All they have to do is touch the Tag Jr. to the page and it reads stories or sings songs. All of mine have really enjoyed it!

And of course, books! books! books! (I would go with board books for this age)

What are your favorite gifts for toddlers?

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Gift Guide for Toddlers

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