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I’m trying to get my kids to think outside of themselves during this Christmas season. For me, as a child, Christmas was all about me and what I could get! I don’t want that for my kids.


I tried to think of something fun that they would all enjoy making and I came across Lego Soaps. I used THIS TUTORIAL from Just Crafty Enough. Because the tutorial is so well laid out, I’m not going to repeat it.


I picked up theBuilding Bricks and Minifigure Ice Cube Tray or Candy Mold –for Lego lovers
from Amazon and the clear glycerine soap base from Michael’s (I used a 40% off coupon). The whole process of making the soap was so quick and easy.  I let the kids pick a scent (either peppermint or lavender essential oil). It was perfect for my kids’ attention spans. The soap was firm and ready to pop out of the mold within half an hour! I did let it sit out and harden a little more before we put it into an airtight container.

The kids were seriously super excited about this project.

The only thing left is to stick the soaps into a plastic gift bag and stick a label on it!

Need a label, feel free to print these FREE ones! Click on the link BELOW the image for the printable version:

Lego TagsClick for the Printable Version ——->>Lego Tags

How are you teaching your kids about having a generous heart?

Lego Soap Project with FREE Printable Gift Tags

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