I found this Homeschool Collage Friday Link Up. I think it’s a great way to capture and review the week we’ve had.

This has been one of those weeks when I really love the idea of unschooling (we are not unschoolers *yet*). My kids have been playing so well together and been so creative. It’s been really hard to interrupt them with school. The fact that we had a massive snow storm hasn’t helped either.

Some weeks, its just nice to sit back and watch learning happen without my interference!


We spent LOTS of time outside playing in the snow. We have a great hill for sledding. Some friends came over and helped us build a snow jump at the bottom of the hill. It was great to hear my kids pretending to be in the Winter Olympics as they raced down the hill. I heard Big Sis say she was doing the “skeleton” and Little Sis and Baby Girl were a bobsled team. Along with the tons of snow, my kids had their first taste of snow icecream. I love making memories that will last!

Most of the lego challenges this month have to do with the Winter Olympics. Big Brother was pretty proud of his Yoda Bobsled.

Big Sis hasn’t been as quick to learn to read as Big Brother was. I haven’t pushed the issue. After all, she is only in first grade. I have been so pleased lately, though, to see her cuddled up reading (and enjoying) books. She told me that knowing how to read makes books so much more fun!

We are still somewhat snowed in and all the Valentine activities were cancelled for the day. We did, however, start our day with heart shaped pancakes!

So… traditional school stuff this week? Not so much. Did learning happen… absolutely!

How was your week?

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