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Our homeschool association hosts Enrichment Classes during the fall and winter/ spring. This semester, I am teaching two preschool classes… a book club and a famous artist class.

I am going to be sharing every week for the next few weeks what we’ve been up to in those classes.

We learned about Michelangelo in our first week of the famous artist class.

We started our class with some music and movement to get the wiggles out. We played a couple of get to know you games and then dove right in to learning about Michelangelo.

I checked out several books from the library. I HIGHLY recommend previewing the books before you start showing them to preschoolers. One book pictured Michelangelo studying a cadaver to prepare to sculpt. He was very thorough!

We looked at some of his sculptures and at his paintings, especially the Sistine Chapel. We talked all about how he painted while suspended and laying on his back.

Next, the children got to “do art like Michelangelo!”

We taped paper to the underside of the table and gave them markers to color. Remember… with preschoolers, art is all about the experience and NOT the end result!

art class 2

art class 3

When we finished with this project, the kids got to play and sculpt with play doh. I gave them each a popsicle stick to craft with. We talked about how Michelangelo had sculpting tools. They had free reign of the play doh for the rest of the class.

Our classes are one hour long!

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