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Continuing with the preschool art class series, this week we will be looking at Vincent Van Goh.

I always start each class with music and movement to get the wiggles out.

We then gathered around and looked through several books that I checked out of the library featuring Van Goh’s work. We didn’t get into many of the details of his life, but looked more at his work. We talked about the different paintings- the colors, the pictures.

Next, we moved to the tables. Each child got a paper with a black and white drawing of Starry Night (I drew these, but you can find them online… especially on Pinterest) and a pallet of paint.

van goh 1


van goh 2

Instead of brushes, we let the kids finger paint.

van goh 3Most of the kids started off trying to use different colors and paint somewhat in the lines… but as with most preschoolers, everything ended up a shade of brown and all over the paper.

Keep in mind when teaching preschoolers about art… it’s all about the process with them and not the end result!

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Preschool Art Class Part 2

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