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We have been continuing with our preschool art class as part of our Homeschool Association Enrichment classes.

March 2nd is Dr. Seuss’s birthday. In honor of that, we read some Dr. Suess books and talked about how he wasn’t just a writer, he was also the illustrator. We learned that the word “illustrator” means the person who draws the pictures for books. We looked at several Dr. Suess books and how unique his drawing style was.

We next learned about a type of art called “collage.”

After we read “The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss, we created collages by cutting out trees and plants from magazines. This is a preschool class. We have ages 3-5 in the class. Their fine motor skills vary. Some kids were able to cut and some were not. My assistant and I ended up cutting out the trees and letting the kids glue them to their papers.

I also gave the kids the following images to add to their collages. Because we read the Lorax, I said that we were bringing back the trees and the Lorax.

Click below the image to get the printable version:

dr. seuss art Click to get the printable version –>>dr. suess art

The kids enjoyed it and for me, this was a minimal mess art class. Win- win!

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Preschool Art Class Part 3

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