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Big Sis and I are continuing our study of American History with American Girls. She is really enjoying reading through the books. She doesn’t realize what a great reader she is becoming. I love hearing her read with enthusiasm.

I think that Josefina has been her favorite girl so far. I often see her walking around the house with her reboza (the scarf that Josefina can be seen wearing on the cover of the first book). She has taught Little Sis all about the book and I hear them acting it out.

Big Sis was excited to read that Josefina’s family believes in God. She was so excited to read about how they went to church and celebrated Christmas.

One thing that I was not expecting with these books is the deep subject matter that they touch on. With Kaya, we learned about kidnapping. With Felicity, we learned about war. With Josefina, we learned about the death of a loved one. Josefina’s mother dies about a year before the first book in the series. We see as the sisters and father grieve. I don’t know about Big Sis, but I was moved to tears on a couple of occasions.

You can find the book series on Amazon or check it out at your local library.

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We used the American Girl Josefina Lapbook Template from Homeschool Share.

I tried to check out this book from our library, but it was not available at the time:

I have found these books to be an excellent supplement to the stories themselves. It has been so interesting to dive into what life was like in the different time periods. This is certainly not how I learned American History.

We learned some basic Spanish with THIS LAPBOOK from Teachers Pay Teachers. It is $3.50 and covers such things as basic phrases, colors, numbers, animals, clothing, emotions and more.

We continued to use these stickers to mark on our map where Josefina lives as well as decorate our big notebook:

Be sure to check out the other girls we have learned about in this study of American History:




American History with American Girl- Josefina

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